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OSHA 10 Certified
FAA Drone Certified

Tom Raffelt Drone Pilot

FAA Part 107 Certified

Tom Raffelt Part 107 certification
Number: 3989587
Expires: 02/28/22
FTN: C1082242

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Small UAS Registration #

Name: Tom Raffelt
Model: Mavic 2 Pro L1P
Serial #: 163CG9QR0A28WA
Certificate #: FA3S3EXWWH

lance certified drone photography new england studio

LAANC Enabled

Low Altitude Authorization
Notification Capability.
Enabling greater degree of
access to FAA controlled airspace.

drone photography new england studio

Pre-Flight Drone Inspections

We check: Cloud cover, wind speed, temp, NOTAMS, locations, buildings & obstructions, takeoff-landing, equipment, firmware, signals, compass, OSHA PPE and more.

drone photography new england studio

Maintenance Log

Our drones are all very current so maintenance typically consists of simply changing the rotor blades every 6 months.

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Flight Restrictions

Please know we can not fly in FAA Restricted zones, at night,  or when winds exceed 22 mph/19 knots, or during mist/rain. Always safety first.

    Tom Raffelt, certified FAA Part 107 sUAS Drone Pilot. 33 Years photography experience. OSHA 10 certified. Experienced drone pilot.  Phone number (603) 499-1136. New England Studio  email: tom@newenglandstudio.com