Family & Children Portraits

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Providing digital files exclusively for all of our Family and Children Portraits.
Choose either the Studio Option or On-Location.
New England Studio, 25 West St. Keene N.H. (603) 355-1010


We have two options, Studio Session or On Location Session.
Both are exclusively with digital files.
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The Studio Session is in our fully equipped Studio on West Street, Keene NH. We view and choose everything instantly on our in studio monitors. Multiple poses and setups are encouraged.
outdoor session new england studio keene nh
The On Location Session is great for casual outdoor portraits. We schedule a time to view and choose your portraits typically the following day. Multiple poses and setups are encouraged.
  • Receive every photograph taken
  • We retouch your favorite of each pose
  • Duplicate & share your files with family


Clothing for Family Portraits
We recommend clothing that has some continuity. Similar styles for instance everyone casual or everyone formal. Colors in the same tones are a plus. No need to match 100% but put some thought into your outfits.

Choosing a Location

Location for Family Portraits
We find a location with shady areas work quite well. Multiple locations for different photo setups are a plus. Try to avoid bright sunlight. End of day when the sun is setting is perfect.

The Weather

Weather for Family Portraits
We have no control over the weather. If it is windy, your hair WILL be messy and we can not Photoshop a new haircut on you. Wet ground is tricky as we frequently will sit people on the grass. Extreme cold is uncomfortable.


Newborns for Family Portraits
Newborns may not be a good idea outside. The Studio is guaranteed warm and not windy. New England Studio would not recommend newborns for outdoor portraits as their health is paramount.
New England Studio in Keene NH has over 33 years of full time photography and portrait experience.

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Family and Children Portraits New England Studio. Providing outdoor and studio portraits. Nationally recognized for green screen photography. Over 33 years experience.Official senior portrait photographer for Keene High School. Owner Tom Raffelt, 25 West St, Keene NH 03431. (603) 355-1010